Aug 27, 2008

The Chase Freedom Card Rocks: $250 in the mail!

Well, after all these years of being afraid of credit cards, I finally took the plunge. And less than a year later, I'm waiting on my first $250 rewards check in the mail. I always figured those rewards programs were bogus, but the personal finance community seemed to like this specific card, so I tried it out. Once you hit $200 in rewards dollars they give you an extra $50. Now, that makes me feel better about the ridiculous interest they charged me when I took out a cash advance traveling in Israel. I still pay off my credit card balance like clockwork, so interest rates generally aren't a concern. And I'm excited about my $250 (even if it means I've prob been spending too much to earn that $250.)


See My Money said...

Nice work! I am less than $4 away from my first $250 check. Nice to know it works!

Budgets are Sexy. said...

haha, well good work! I've only been getting back around $100/year on my cards, but i have a feeling i'll get more this go around considering i just bought a car with one of my cards ;) Holler.

lulugal11 said...

My cashback is at $177 right now so I have a little way to go before I can be at $200 to claim the bonus $50.

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