Nov 3, 2008

Security Deposit Bounced - IRX on Bank Statement

My last apartment sent my security deposit to my permanent mailing address... in NJ. So it took a few months for me to get that check. I cashed it a few weeks ago, but apparently it was too old, and it bounced. I saw "IRX" on my bank statement for $585 and didn't know what that meant, but thanks to Google I figured it out.

So now, on top of voting against Prop 8 and for Obama, tomorrow I have to figure out how to get my security deposit. It will be a busy day.

Speaking of apartments and housing, my current living arrangement is great. Moving here was the best decision I've made in a long, long time. I'm saving so, so much money. Instead of living in my last apartment, which would have cost me $1200 a month this year (!!!) + cable and internet, I'm paying just $612.50 a month + about $50 - $60 for bills. So $700 compared to $1300 a month. Sure, I have less space, but I don't really need that much space. And living with roommates is pretty fun, as long as the roommates are fun and laid back.

Stocks are slowly going up. I'm worried for Obama. That's all for today.


Budgets are Sexy said...

well that blows. i hope you get that money soon! frustrating :(

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