Jan 21, 2008

Monthly Income Goals

While sorting out my expenses is necessary in order to start saving money, I am going to try over the coming months to focus on my income. Here are my goals:

1. Startup / Part-Time Writing Gig: $3300
2. Marketing Company Writing Retainer: $400
3. Freelance for Magazine: $100
4. Freelance for Market Research Firm: $150
5. 5 hours per week for online news mag: $500
6. One Pro Bono (or Paid) Web Design Project: $0

Then there's taxes. So I really won't make that much. But ideally, that's what I'd be bringing in, at minimum, each month.


SavingDiva said...

It looks like you have your goals pretty well outlined!

Angel said...

what kind of writing gig will pay you 3300 a mo? just curious...

HerEveryCentCounts said...

Angel: I make $3300 a month working at an internet startup. I do more than just writing for them, and I work 30+ hours per week. Still, it's largely a writing gig.

It's my only real stable work. All the other things are jobs I hope to have each month. It's nice to know I'll take in at least $3300 (- taxes).

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