Jan 24, 2008

Oh Boy! A $600 Rebate!

I'm a little excited about getting a $600 rebate this spring, thanks to the tax rebate package that passed today. While I'm not their ideal rebate grantee (I'll likely invest the funds, maybe into my Roth, which now has $2000 left until I max it out for 2008, though) it will make it easier to buy a few new spring pieces to my wardrobe without feeling terribly guilty about my spending (to be honest, guilt and financial logic never stopped me from spending anyway).

The good news w/ the rebate is that even if I end up owing money on taxes for 2007, I'll actually still get a rebate or... break even.


I wish this happened every year!


Live from the belly of the beast said...

I'm very excited too -- though like you I won't do what the gov. wants us to do. It's going in our emergency fund.

I remember the last time we got rebates -- in 01 (I think). We bought a new convertible top for our Miata. Looking back I sure wish we'd saved or invested it.

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Am totally anticipating a good refund this year but.. maybe I should save up "just in case" I have to pay :(

SavingDiva said...

I'm just going to ignore the check...and put it directly into savings...

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